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Janco, approaching 30 years in business, continues to set new standards in Entertainment Transportation.
From innovation in trailer configurations to unique efficiencies of operation, Janco is a leader offering superior value in transport service. From our fleet of 85 tractors and in excess of 140 trailer units Janco has the staff, the equipment and the desire to become an integral part of your touring production. ... Music Touring, Dance, Broadway, Family Entertainment, Television, Film, Live Entertainment and Industrials. With dispatch locations in NY Metro, Los Angeles, Toronto, Nashville and Cleveland - Janco minimizes dead-head charges involved at the commencement of service. As a licensed freight broker we are in the unique position to utilize our equipment by delivering freight into each tour point of origin. Our trucks are kept loaded and moving efficiently. This efficiency and intelligent approach to transport helps keep our charges competitive. The right equipment, the right rate structure, an efficient, interested, helpful back office, drivers who 'Call their Packs', who are involved and helpful.

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& &content2= Current and Past Janco Clients:

    World Wrestling Entertainment
    Rob Thomas
    My Chemical Romance
    Nine Inch Nails
    Allman Brothers
    Tony Hawks Boom Boom Huckjam tour
    The Goo Goo Dolls
    Good Charlotte
    Linkin Park
    Enrique Iglesias
    Miss Saigon
    Hall and Oates
    Michael Bolton
    B.B.King's Blues Fest
    The Warped Tour
    Green Day
    Starlight Express
    Saturday Night Fever
    Ottmar Liebert
    Insane Clown Posse
    No Doubt
    Brian Setzer Orchestra
    American Idol
    Bridal Expos
    Fox Sports
    Lord of the Dance
    Paul Weller
    Ben Harper
    Alison Krause and Union Station
    Al Jarreau
    Anita Baker
    King Crimson
    Harry Belafonte
    Moscow Ballet
    St. Petersburg State Ice Ballet
    Merce Cunningham Dance Company
    Sound of Music
    Sugar Ray
    Dashboard Confessional
    Iron Maiden

    & &content3= Nowhere is it more evident of Janco's leadership and innovation then in being the first major carrier to endorse the use of owned company equipment. Through our rigorous maintenance schedules, Janco's equipment far surpasses leasing and rental firms in terms of reliability, efficiency and most importantly cost.

    Many of our competitors have followed our lead in transferring to this type of operation.

    Janco equipment is backed up through National accounts with both Ryder and Hertz-Penske.
    Trailer configurations again are another area of innovation - Janco was without a doubt the first Carrier in the entertainment industry to introduce both Air-Ride suspension trailers and the use of a flat floor configuration to entertainment hauling. We maintain an ample inventory of both 48 and 53 foot trailers in the flat floor and drop frame variety. Also available are flat bed trailers, goose-neck trailers and curtain side equipment.

    Janco equipment is maintained to exceed standards set by all manufacturers and leasing companies. & &content4=NEW JERSEY - 34 Burgess Place, Wayne, New Jersey, USA 07470. Telephone 973/696-7700, facsimile 973/696-3409, US and Canada telephone: 888/JANCO-NJ

    Telephone 805/682-4513, facsimile 805/682-4593 - Christopher Darling PO Box 5778, Montecito, CA 93150
    NJ Staff
    Rick Rosenthal, P+GM rrosenthal@jancoltd.com
    Glen Shuart, Operations Manager gshuart@jancoltd.com
    John Doneman, Office Manager jdoneman@jancoltd.com
    Derick Haywood, Safety / Personnel dhaywood@jancoltd.com
    Pete Gately, Operations pgately@jancoltd.com
    Eric Sidel, Operations esidel@jancoltd.com California - Christopher Darling - jancocd@aol.com& &content5=For information on career opportunities with our firm, please contact Mr. Derick Haywood at 888-JANCO-NJ between the hours of 9am and 4pm Eastern Time.& &content6=Under construction - Please check back soon...

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